Sunday, 29 January 2012

My new favourite nail polishes: OPI Nail Envy & Maybelline Forever Strong

As some of you might know, I have seriously flimsy nails. They peel, they snap, they're brittle, and they're basically everything you don't want your nails to be.

After the lovely Vivianna from ViviannaDoesMakeup posted about OPI's Nail Envy on her blog, I was desperate to get my hands on it. I've been using it for around 3 weeks now, and i've noticed a huge change in the overall condition of my nails. They feel much stronger, they don't peel anymore, and they hardly break. They're also growing healthily, which is very exciting! They're still fairly brittle, but i'm hoping that with continued use, that problem will go away too.

The most significant change that i've noticed from using Nail Envy is that it's reignited my interest in Nail Polish. I've always liked polish, it's not like I don't own any, but because my nails always broke or peeled, I never wanted to put any colour on them; drawing attention to them wasn't high on my list of priorities. But since using Nail Envy, i've realised that i'm actually painting my nails.

I did used to paint my nails, but the polish would only last about 2 days - not because it wasn't good quality, but because my nails would snap, so it was usually just a massive waste of time. But lately, because my nails aren't as weak as they used to be, i'm finding that the polish is staying on for about 5-7 days - or at least until I get bored of it.

But the one polish that I seem to go back to time and time again is the Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in 155 Bubblegum. It's this gorgeous bright fuchsia with a slight metallic overlay - it's hardly noticeable, but you can see it in the bottle. It says that it will last for "up to 7 days", and if i'm honest, it does follow through. It doesn't chip until about 6 days of wear. I do wear Nail Envy as a base coat and as a top coat, so that probably adds to its effectiveness. But nevertheless, i'm really enjoying the colour and the formula, so i'll definitely be going back to Boots/Superdrug to pick up some different colours.

What do you think of Nail Envy? Did it help your nails? And do you like the Maybelline Forever Strong polishes? Let me know in a comment below.

Livie xoxo

Friday, 27 January 2012

How to wear a red Blazer

How I style my red Blazer

Below is my video on styling my red blazer - it's from Zara, and cost me £30, 
[reduced from £80 in the sale].

First Outfit
SHOES: Urban Outfitters, originally £95, reduced to £40 in the sale!

SHORTS: H&M - £29
TOP: Topshop - £28
RING: H&M - £4/£5?
NECKLACE: Jewelmint, monthly subscription service.

Second Outfit
TREGGINGS: Zara - £19.99
SHIRT: New Look - £14.99
RING: Topshop - £5
NECKLACE: Topshop, originally £14.50, reduced to £4.50 in the sale!
HAT: River Island

I hope you enjoy the video! Let me know what you think in a comment below :)
Livie xoxo